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I have updated this site to reflect my most recent research on the families mentioned throughout these pages. Hopefully individuals can find some ties to their family roots and possibly answer some of those nagging questions they have regarding their forefathers.

Here you can learn more about the Mendheims who came here from Prussia in the mid-19th century or the Culps who were from the Palatine area of Germany and arrived early in the 18th century. You can also find more on the Smiths, Wilkinsons and Heards who settled in Wilkes County, Georgia (we are tied to them through the Culps).

Or maybe you want to see information on the Frys, LaVos, Spooners, Dudleys or other families and how they are connected to the Mendheims.

(There is a bounty of information contained in this site and if you want to dig deeper, look for "Information links" at the bottom of a page or for links embedded in text).

As I have researched our genealogy, I have come across numerous interesting "human life facts" and here are but a few:

  • in 1620 Richard Warren my 9th great grandfather (on my maternal or Spooner lineage) came over on the Mayflower
  • in 1761 a pregnant Barbara Culp McKinney was scalped by the Cherokee indians - she and her unborn child survived. See more on this at the Culp page
  • we have several relatives (Culp, Heard, Spooner, Jenne, etc.) who served in the 1776 War of Independence or Revolutionary war
  • in 1778 a Spooner wife arranged his murder and was the first woman executed after the United States won independence
  • in the late 1700's a Smith relative with a unigue name (ended in "T") who was a wealthy, well educated and prominent Missouri businessman. He had a notorious reputation as a duelist and was described as "as mild a mannered man as ever put a bullet into the human body"
  • in 1862 some of my family signed up with the Confederate army and that same year some of Penny's family signed up with the Union army. Both family's received pensions from that service into the 1930's
  • in the mid-1860's, slaves that had been of service to Isidor Mendheim took the name Mendheim upon receiving their freedom
  • how long did it take in 1878 to travel directly from Liverpool, England to Salt Lake City, Utah? Find the answer in the "Others" family "Canning" tab (may surprise you)
  • we have a relative (Mendham) who was a mover and shaker on Wall Street.....in the late 1800's through the early 1900's

Please provide your ideas on how to improve this site and how to make it more useful!

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Our next Mendheim reunion will be held June 25, 2016 at Westgate Park in Dothan, Alabama.

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Attention: The italicised genealogical "facts" contained within this site are a result of deductive reasoning and not necessarily backed with physical evidence. Conversely, those that are not italicised are backed with physical evidence.