Ancestors and Descendents of D&P Mendheim

Issac Chance [Parents] was born on 4 Jul 1707. He died before 1758. He married Parnell Spooner on 8 Dec 1735.

Parnell Spooner.Parnell married Issac Chance on 8 Dec 1735.

They had the following children:

  M i Benjamin Chance was born on 26 Apr 1737.
  F ii Abigail Chance was born on 26 Nov 1746.
  F iii Menabah Chance was born on 3 Feb 1755.

John Aiken.John married Menabah Chance.

Menabah Chance [Parents] was born on 3 Feb 1755. She married John Aiken.

Peleg Sherman.Peleg married Elizabeth Chance in 1738.

Elizabeth Chance [Parents] was born on 7 Dec 1711. She died on 19 Jan 1747. She married Peleg Sherman in 1738.

John Chance [Parents] was born on 15 Oct 1722. He married Urina Hamer in 1752.

Urina Hamer.Urina married John Chance in 1752.

They had the following children:

  F i Rhoda Chance was born in 1751. She died before 1752.
  M ii Nathaniel Chance was born in 1754.
  F iii Elizabeth Chance was born in 1756.
  F iv Rhoda Chance was born in 1759.
  M v Benjamin Chance was born in 1761.
  M vi Issac Chance was born in 1764.
  F vii Mariah Chance was born in 1766.
  F viii Sarah Chance was born in 1769.
  F ix Hannah Chance was born in 1771. She died in 1816.
  M x John Chance was born in 1773.

Nathaniel Chance [Parents] was born in 1754. He married Lydia Howland on 29 Aug 1779.

Lydia Howland.Lydia married Nathaniel Chance on 29 Aug 1779.

Henry Howland.Henry married Rhoda Chance on 16 Nov 1777.

Rhoda Chance [Parents] was born in 1759. She married Henry Howland on 16 Nov 1777.

Benjamin Chance [Parents] was born in 1761. He married Rebecca Howland in 1790.

Rebecca Howland.Rebecca married Benjamin Chance in 1790.

Robert de Marienville.Robert married Sarah Chance in 1788.

Sarah Chance [Parents] was born in 1769. She married Robert de Marienville in 1788.

John Chance [Parents] was born in 1773. He married Dorcas Maxfield in 1799.

Dorcas Maxfield.Dorcas married John Chance in 1799.

Issac Sherman [Parents] was born on 22 Jan 1712. He married Abigail Delano on 19 Oct 1740.

Abigail Delano.Abigail married Issac Sherman on 19 Oct 1740.

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