The Frys

William Fry

The earliest and most solid linkage to the Fry lineage is to William Fry who was born about 1836 in Limehouse, Middlesex, England. William married Sarah Ann Eliza Mellor (of London, Middlesex, England) and they had six children - 3 boys and 3 girls. The 2nd boy (and 5th child) was Malcolm William Fry.

Malcolm William Fry

M. William was born about 1870 in St Pancras, Middlesex, England. He migrated to the USA around 1889 and settled in Contra Costa County, California. There he met and married Annie Laurie Barrett. M. William was a blacksmith and ran a blacksmith shop in San Ramon, California most of his life. He and Annie had two boys, Malcolm Wesley (Joe) and Kenneth Harrison (Ken) Fry.

Malcolm Wesley Fry (Joe W.)

Malcolm Wesley Fry was born 25 Apr 1899 in Contra Costa County, California. He married Sara Matilda Fineburg in 1922 and they had two boys, David Malcolm and Richard William Fry. Sara was born and grew up in Tyronne, Pennsylvania. Their son, Richard enlisted in the US Marine Corps and was killed in action on June 23, 1944 in WWII. This must have been a real tough time on Sara since she was notified about 3 months later that her other son, who had joined the Army Air Corps, was MIA over Germany.

Malcolm didn't like his given name and offically changed his name to Joe W. Fry. Joe died 26 Jun 1996 in Woodburn Oregon at 97 years of age.

David Malcolm Fry, Sr.

David was born April 11, 1922 in Kern County, California. Shortly there after the family moved to Los Angeles where David grew up. He joined the Army Air Corp in WWII and was shot down over Germany and taken POW on September 13, 1944 and was held at Stalag Luft I in the town Barth. The camp was freed by the Russian army on May 1, 1945. (More detail of David becoming POW can be found here.)

After the war, David met and then married Bennie Delores LaVo January 20 1946 in Hayward, California. They had three children (Penny Lee, David Malcolm, Jr. and Richard William II). David and Bennie reside in Oregon and the children in Florida, Alabama and Oregon respectively.

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