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Olliffs, Spooners,Frys, LaVos

and other such families


It is believed that the Olliffs are of English descent and migrated here early in the 18th century. John Shears Olliff (our earliest known Olliff ancestor) left North Carolina and settled in Bulloch County, Georgia after the Revolutionary War (it is reported that he served in the North Carolina Militia). This heritage stretches back through my grandmother, Jesse Olliff Mendheim, to John who is my gggg grandfather. See the Olliff tab for more information regarding this part of our family tree.


This branch of our tree also originated in England and is tied to the "First Comers" (the emigres that came over on the Mayflower and attendant ships). William Spooner, my 8th great grandfather, came over in 1537 with the Pilgrims to Massachusetts. William was a "redemptioner" (indentured once he arrived to pay his passage). Included in this lineage are Richard Warren (9th great grandfather) who arrived on the Mayflower and signed the Mayflower Compact, the Delanos (as in Franklin Delano R) and the Shermans (think Atlanta). There is even a Southworth. More info is available under the Spooner tab.


My mother's maiden name and my given name. So far we have been able to trace our roots to William D. Dudley who was born in Georgia around 1829. By 1850 William had migrated to Jackson County, Florida where most of this Dudley branch lived and died.


Our line of Cannings came out of England and were part of the early beginnings of the Mormon community, traveling directly from Liverpool to Salt Lake City (there is a diary log describing the trip in the Canning tab). Penny's maternal grandmother was Ivy Canning and she married Carl LaVo. This family has been fortunate to have 5 living female generations for most of their years here in the states, a feat most families can't claim.


We can track the LaVos back to Brooks LaVo, Penny's ggg grandfather, who was born around 1810 and spent his adult life in Bethany, Pennsylvania. Although most online data suggests that he was born in Paris (he said New York on census'), we can find nothing to support this claim or any other. His son Henry went west (along with his sons) after 1887 and that is how the LaVos got connected to the Utah Cannings.


The Frys were the latest arrivals to the states (of our ancestors) when Malcolm William Fry came over around 1884 from England. William, who was Penny's great grandfather, went directly to California, found a wife and had a child by 1899. William was a blacksmith in San Ramon which he practiced until his death.