The LaVos

Brooks LaVo

The earliest LaVo we found that we are related to is Brooks LaVo. He was born around 1806 probably in France (we say probably because he is identified as being from New York in census data but his children state that their father was born in France in their censuses and death certificates). Brooks appeared in Bethany, Wayne County, Pennsylvania sometime before 1830 and married into the Bunnell family. He married Eunice Bunnell in 1833 and they had 9 children. Brooks died around 1872 in Bethany. Pennsylvania.

The Bunnell family dates back to Normandy, France, where they were called La Bunnells. When they went to England is not known, but a Bunnell historian visited England from Connecticut many years ago, and traced the family back to the eleventh century, when William La Bunnell went to England from Normandy as aide-de-camp on the staff of William the Conqueror in 1066. The U.S. ancestry is traced from three brothers, William, Solomon and Benjamin, who came from Cheshire, England, in 1638, and settled at New Haven, Connecticut. When the first census was taken in 1790 in the Thirteen Colonies, there were Bunnells recorded in every state, and their descendants are widespread.

Henry M. LaVo

Henry was born in December 1842 and was the 5th child of Brooks and Eunice LaVo. He was living with his parents in 1860 and joined the Union Army (17th Regiment, Pennsylvania Cavalry (162nd Volunteers)) in 1862, serving until 1865. He Married someone named Mary (as identified in the 1870 census) in 1869 in Pennsylvania. He his shown owning a homesite in Jefferson, Pa. in 1873 and that is all we have found of Henry until he shows up in the 1900 census in Denison, Texas. The census shows Henry and 4 of his children (Gilbert Aug. 1870, Howard 6-10-1874, Lulu Aug, 1876 and George Aug. 1886). Henry was listed as divorced (by him). Apparently he and Mary moved to Texas after 1873 and before October, 1883 since their youngest (George H.) says he was born in Sherman Texas. Henry married Nancy Beardslee on March 2, 1888 but not much more is known of their marriage.

Beginning in 1912 Henry was in and out of various “National Soldiers Homes” (today's Veteran hospital / home). In the 1920 census he is in Gainesville, Florida at his sister Parthenia's home (along with brother Eugene). Records showing discharge from the Soldier's home in 1921 identifies his daughter, Addie Barton of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, as next of kin. Similar discharge papers for 1929 in Leavenworth Kansas have a note (apparently added after discharge) where his son George H. LaVo reported that he died in Houston Texas and was buried in Forest Park Cemetery. He is shown in the 1930 census at the Leavenworth Kansas Soldiers Home and he died 23 Nov 1932 in Houston.

Howard Horatio LaVo

Howard Horatio LaVo was born 10 Jun 1874 in Bethany, Pennsylvania to Henry and Mary LaVo. He is in Denison, Texas in 1900 with his father and other siblings. He married Johnnie Maddux around 1900 and they had a son (Carl) in Smithville, Texas. Howard is in the Routt, Colorado 1910 census. Sometime before 1914 he and Johnnie apparently were divorced as she married John Henry Palmer in 1914. Howard registered for the military in Pueblo, Colorado in 1918 and he is shown in the Pueblo city directory in 1919, 1930 and 1942. To date we have not been able to located him in the 1920 or 1930 censuses.

Sometime between 1942 and 1945 Howard apparently moved to Los Angeles, California as he is listed as a registered voter in LA from 1946 through at least 1950.

Carl Flournoy LaVo

Carl was the only child of Howard and Johnnie LaVo and was born 29 Sep 1902 in Smithfield, Texas. Carl and his mother Johnnie Maddux LaVo Palmer were shown as working in Rangely, Colorado in the 1920 census. He Married Ivy Lavon Canning on 16 Apr 1923 in Utah and subsequently settled in Hayward, California. Carl and Ivy had one son, Carl Palmer LaVo and one daughter, Bennie Delores LaVo.

Where did the "Flournoy" in Carl Flournoy Lavo come from? Johnnie Armona Maddux's g-grandfather had a daughter Sarah who married William Flournoy. They had at least 5 children and then both parents died within months of each other and the oldest child's 15th birthday. The Flournoy children were then raised by different members of the Maddux family. Josiah Flournoy was at Johnnie's grandfather's (Meshack Ashburn Maddux) home with her father (William F) and was probably like an uncle to Johnnie growing up.

Bennie Delores LaVo

Bennie spent her early years in the San Francisco bay area then the family moved to Hayward, California where Bennie finished high school. They had a neighbor named Ken Fry who happened to be David Fry's uncle. David was at Ken's house and he and Bennie met and went out...as they say; the rest is history. They married January 20 1946 in Hayward, California. They had three children (Penny Lee, David Malcolm, Jr. and Richard William II). David and Bennie reside in Oregon and the children in Florida, Alabama and Oregon respectively.

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