Isidor Mendheim


We are confident Isidor arrived on on the Howard October 14, 1841 but, the first reference to Isidor we have found in the United States is an ad placed in the Augusta Chronical in November 1841. Benjamin and Isidor placed an ad in the Augusta Chronical looking for their brother Ernest (Emil) who was reported to have been living in the area in 1840-1841.

Isidor married Judith Culp on Christmas eve 1851 in Harris County GA. The record was transcribed as:

"Mendkins, (?) Isador Judith Culp 12/24/1851"

Apparently Isidor and Judith moved relatively quickly to Henry County, Alabama as their first born William P. Mendheim was born in 1853 in Alabama. Isidor and Judith went on to have five (5) children: William, Rozelia (married William Kirkland), Isidore W., Albert and Belton.

The 1860 Federal Census shows Isidor (now a dentist) with wife Judith and four children; William age 7, Rozelia age 5, Isidor (IW) age 3 and Albert age 1 living in Henry County, Alabama. Judith's brother Henry B. Culp, age 16, was at their home.

Isidor signed up for the CSA's Alabama 37th Volunteer Regiment at Auburn, Alabama on March 22, 1862. He was part of Company A that was nicknamed the "Henry Volunteers" as many of the men in Company A were from Henry County. Isidor was discharged on August 6, 1862 in Columbus, Mississippi due to medical reasons. It states that he had Rheumatism and had not been of service for the previous 60 days. The description of Isidor by the discharging officer stated "He was born in Prussia in the State of_ _is 37 years of age, 5 feet 4 inches high, fair complexion, blue eyes, light hair, and by occupation, when enlisted, a dentist." Further it states, "I certify that I have carefully examined the said Isidore Mindheim of Captain Green's Company and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of Rheumatism - He has not done any service three months. I recommend his discharge."" His second wife, Nancy Jane Mathews Mendheim, subsequently received a pension as a result of Isidor's service to the Confederate States of America.

Judith died on July 19, 1870 at 33 years of age of unknown causes. The following is a report of her death:

From the Henry County Register (Abbeville, Alabama Weekly Newspaper), Friday, July 23, 1870

DEATH - Near this place on Monday morning last, at 5 o'clock, Mrs. Judith B., wife of Dr. I. Mendheim, in the 33rd year of her age.

Judith was not present for the 1870 census (Henry County, Alabama) but William's future wife, Minerva Roberts, and a couple of workers were there with the rest of the family.

After Judith's death Isidor married Nance Jane Mathews. A reference of his marriage to Nancy Jane was published in 1873, which stated:

MARRIED - A short time since, our genial friend Dr. I. Mendheim, suddenly disappeared from our quite little town, and we had just began to wouder what had become of him when he returned, looking so well he hardly resembled himself. And he did not return alone, but brought with him a yonng and blushing bride that he captured over about Clopton. Well, Doctor, we wish you much joy; may you and the wife live long and prosper, and may - and may - well, never mind. - Henry County Register (Abbeville, Alabama Weekly Newspaper) Friday, February 14, 1873

In approximately 1880 Isidor, Nancy and their children apparently moved to Walton County, Florida for a brief period of time. Isidor and Nancy are listed in the 1880 Federal Census of both Houston County, Alabama (with Isidor and Judith's children as well as William's children) and Walton County, Florida (with Isidor and Nancy's children). Isidor and Nancy had six (6) children: Hortense, Herman, Gillispe, Irene, Karl and Colo.

Isidor, along with William P., William J. Kirkland (Rosa's husband), IW (Isidore White) and Albert filed for homestead property. Isidor filed for property located in what is now Dothan, Alabama and received the homestead title in 1891. Mr. Kirkland filed for property adjacent to Isidor while IW filed for property close by in Dothan (see map). William filed in Geneva County, Alabama, and Albert filed in Holmes County, Florida.

In 1887 Isidor and Nancy were two of the nine founding members of the First Baptist Church of Dothan, Alabama.

In 1891 a reference to Isidor's death was written in a local Dothan Alabama newspaper stating:


Dr. I. Mendheim passed quietly away at his home one mile south of Dothan on last Tuesday morning. We do not know his exact age, but he was one of the oldest citizens of this country, and almost every body knew him. He was for a long time a successful Dentist at Abbeville. A few years ago when his manhood had withered away, he moved to the "piney woods" and settled on a little farm near here before Dothan was known. He has for the past few years been an object of pity, and to see him staggering about the streets, jerking with old age, and drawn over, would attract the sympathy and draw tears from anyone. He was a consistent member of the Baptist Church and loved his God. He was known by hundreds of people all over this country who will remember how he looked in his declining years. He has been known as "old Doctor Mendheim" for the last 25 years or longer. Such was his title before the writer outgrew the swaddling clothes of an infant.

But, alas! 'tis done! And Dr. Mendheim is no more-no more on earth. May he rest with Jesus, and never know sorrow again, are the wishes that a thousand souls will join the Siftings in making today.

He died poor in worldly goods, but the true riches are yet to come, and the day of his life has just begun to dawn, for "to live in Christ, and die, is gain". - Wire-Grass Siftings (Dothan, Alabama Weekly Newspaper) Thursday, January 22, 1891.

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