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The Heards


First let me acknowledge Joyce Perkerson Poole who authored "A HEARD FAMILY RECORD-BASED HISTORY". She and her book helped me find some "long lost roots".

Charles Heard

The first known Heard of the family that the Mendheims are connected to was Charles Heard. Charles was born in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland about 1691 and came to America with his family by 1720. He first lived in Pennsylvania then settled in Virginia. Charles was a blacksmith by occupation. About 1748 Charles died in Albemarle County, Virginia. He and his wife had seven children, most of them were born in Northern Ireland, the second of which was Stephen Heard.

Stephen Heard

Stephen was born about 1715 in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland and immigrated to America with his father. While in Pennsylvania he met and married Mary Catherine Faulkner about 1736 and the family moved to Virginia around 1755. Stephen died 1774 in Halifax (now Pittsylvania) County, Virginia. Mary died there around 1780. Stephen and Mary had nine children and of those Jesse Heard was the seventh.

Jesse Faulkner Heard

Jesse was born in 1748 in Albemarle County Virginia. He and his family moved about 1761 or 1762 to
Halifax (later Franklin) County, Virginia where they lived on branches of the Blackwater River. Jesse married Judith Wilkinson. It was said by many family sources that Judith was the sister of Lucy Wilkinson who married Francis Smith of Essex County, Virginia (see Smiths) but I have not found evidence of that relationship.

Jesse was appointed an officer of the militia in Henry County, Virginia and then became Commissioner of the Provisions Law for the Virginia troops during the Revolution. Jesse and Judith moved to Wilkes County, Georgia in 1884 after the War, with most all of his brothers and sisters and their families. In Wilkes County, after a very active life as a county official, practicing law, running several plantations and participating in Georgia politics, Jesse wrote his will in 1801 and died in 1803 in Wilkes County. Judith Heard was the fourth of Jesse and Judith's eight children.

After Judith's death in the early 1790's, Jesse married in 1796 a widow lady living on a nearby plantation, Mrs. Elizabeth Robertson Early. She was the widow of Jacob Early and Jesse was the administrator of Jacob's estate.

Judith B. Heard

If Judith and Lucy Wilkinson were sisters, Judith Heard married her first cousin William Wilkinson Smith (see "The Smiths" page). They married in Wilkes County, Georgia about 1802 (shortly before her father Jesse died). The family lived first in Georgia then about 1815 moved for a time to South Carolina. They then moved back to Georgia before finally moving to Chambers County, Alabama around the mid-1830's. Judith died there 17 Dec 1854.

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