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The Wilkinsons


The Wilkinson family is one whose lineage is difficult to try to untangle. If any of you has ever used a bait casting fishing reel and had a "world's worst bird nest" in the reel...that is the Wilkinson family tree. In records of Virginia, Georgia and surrounding States are untold numbers or Thomas, John, William, Joseph, Elizabeth, etc. Wilkinsons. Each generation seems to have at least 4-5 each of these in each local! I list below those that I have confidence are related to our family. The information below is primarily extracted from the records of St. Peters Parish New Kent County, Virginia.

I will continue working on the Wilkinsons; but this is all I have for now.

Daniel Wilkinson

Daniel Wilkinson was born about 1670 and it is reported that he was married to Rebekah Parke. Among their children was Francis Wilkinson, a son who was born in 1703.

Francis Wilkinson

Francis Wilkinson was born and then baptized October 17, 1703 in New Kent County, Virginia. He lived in New Kent and married Mary Cary there around 1726. They had four children, the second one was their first son whom they named John.

John Wilkinson

John Wilkinson was born on April 19, 1730 in New Kent County, Virginia. He married Judith Lee (the same Lee family of Gen. Robert E. Lee) about 1750. The church records show the birth of three children;

1) Frances Wilkinson born February 28, 1754 2) Judith Wilkinson born December 29, 1756 3) Harwood Wilkinson born September 25, 1759. Many researchers suggest other children were born to John and Judith but they are not recorded in the St. Peters Parish Vestry Book records. One of those suggested is Cary Wilkinson which has some merit as it was a tradition at the time to name children after their parents or grandparents. Since Cary was the surname of John's mother it may be possible he was John and Judith's child (but could also be the child of John's brother Thomas). Another that is suggested as John and Judith's child is Lucy Wilkinson who was born around 1750 and married Francis Smith. I can not find any evidence to support this allegation other than "family stories" of Judith and Lucy Wilkinson being sisters.

Judith, undoubtedly named after her mother, was the second child and married Jesse Faulkner Heard.

Judith Wilkinson

Judith married Jesse Faulkner Heard around 1776 and they lived in Halifax County (became Henry County) Virginia until 1884 when they moved to Wilkes County, Georgia. Judith died there sometime between 1790-1794.

Jesse and Judith had eight children; the fourth being Judith B. Heard who was born in 1783 in Virginia and married William Wilkinson Smith about 1802 in Wilkes County, Georgia (see "The Smiths" page)

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